Behailu Zewdie
  • MGT-BS
  • Class of 2014
  • Boston, MA

Behailu Zewdie Receives Massachusetts High-Demand Scholarship

2013 Mar 28

Behailu Zewdie, a University of Massachusetts Boston student from Boston, MA has received one of the state's new High-Demand Scholarships, awarded to students pursuing careers for which the state has an urgent need for skilled talent.

The scholarships will assist students who are majoring in health care, STEM, business and finance sectors, and planning careers in fields such as computer science, engineering, nursing and the life sciences.

"These scholarships encourage students to pursue fields where we know there are job openings," Governor Deval Patrick said. "If we want economic growth, we need to be able to produce the talent that business and industry needs. That's why investments like this, that help keep public higher education affordable and aligned with workforce needs, benefit every Massachusetts taxpayer."

Out of 5,000 applicants, 800 students received scholarships; One hundred were UMass Boston students.